Financial Planner in Crown Point, Indiana

Located just southeast of Chicago, Crown Point Indiana is known as the “Hub of Lake County” and houses the Lake County Fair, the 2nd-largest county fair in the state of Indiana. Within its 17 square miles, Crown Point Indiana has a close-knit community with a variety of demographics that make up its population. However, don’t let diversity in community members and income levels lead you to believe that only a limited number of Crown Point Indiana residents need financial services and financial planning from a registered investment advisory firm like Wisely Advised. The type of financial planning provided by a Wisely Advised financial professional is one that is need by each and every member of the Crown Point community.

Whether you are simply seeking financial advice, looking for a registered investment advisor to provide wealth management and investment strategies and help you build wealth, or you are at the beginning of you financial journey and looking for a financial advisor to help you figure out your financial goals and give you a better view of what your financial future can look like, it’s time that you chat with financial planner that is local to Crown Point and understands your specific needs.

Crown Point Estate Planning

We know there is a need for many Crown Point residents to have access to estate planning services, which includes a review of assets and liabilities, the titling of assets, as well as the consideration of trusts. At Wisely Advised, estate planning is where we get to work with you to lay out your plan for a lasting legacy. When arranging estate planning services, you can expect to both discuss and receive advice regarding property ownership, estate tax reduction, distribution strategies, as well as a discussion of gifts and trusts.

How is Wisely Advised different?

Not only is Wisley Advised a local Crown Point financial planning firm that understands your needs as a of Crown Point resident, but also, as an independent Registered Investment advisor, Wisely Advised will always act as a fiduciary on your behalf.

Today is the day!

Setting your financials goals and planning for your financial future is a not an option in this day and age. It is a necessity. But it doesn’t have to be scary. Here at Wisely Advised, we are here to help you through each step in your financial journey.  To schedule a free, no pressure consultation with a Wisely Advised financial advisor, fill out the form on this page, call us today at 219.214.1212 or use our handy Consultation Form.



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