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Located just 24 miles southeast of Chicago, St. John Indiana is not only a well-respected and connected community full of quiet neighborhoods, quality schools and churches, but also a diverse mix of growing families, empty nesters, and retirees. Regardless of the financial goals of our residents here in St. John, each and every community member can benefit from establishing and maintaining a relationship with a Wisely Advised financial advisor. From retirement planning and estate planning to comprehensive financial planning, connecting with a Wisely Advised financial planner is the first step in establishing your financial goals and getting you money and assets to work for you.

At Wisely Advised, we are not only invested in the financial health of our fellow St. John community, but we also consider ourselves invested socially on a personal level. Not only does our Founder, Tony Velasquez, reside in St. John, Indiana, but he has involved himself as well as the Wisely Advised business within the community in a variety of ways. From coaching his son’s local Saint John baseball team to hosting the annual Wisely Advised Share the Bread event in St. John to benefit The Food Bank of Northwest Indiana, Tony and the team at Wisely Advised have taken the time to get involved with and give back to the local St. John community.

Saint John College Education Planning

With the small town, family-oriented feel of St. John, we know that education and college planning is at the top of your mind. With the cost of education always on the rise, it is always a good time to start talking about ways to fund for a secondary education, and with our individual investment services, we can do just that. Looking to set up a 529 college savings plan?A Wisely Advised financial advisor can help you get started today.

What differentiates Wisely Advised?

Not only are we a local St. John financial advisory firm that understands your specific needs as a of Northwest Indiana resident, but as a St. John independent Registered Investment advisor, Wisely Advised is different from your traditional brokers because we act as a fiduciary on your behalf.

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Planning for your financial future is a necessity and Wisely Advised is here to help you with your financial goals from start to finish. To set up some time to chat with a Wisely Advised financial advisor, fill out the form on this page, call us today at 219.214.1212, or use our handy Consultation Form page to schedule your free, no pressure consultation today.

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